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Walk of Sustainability

A sustainable community is a community which involves collective performance to maintain a flow of individuality, yet combining the forces of everyone towards the enhancement of the collective. It involves the development of owned businesses, the drive to thrive and regenerate from within. To sustain a community, we must together focus on our values, our goals, our potential to strengthen from what is all around us. We must educate every child. We must rebuild each other and teach those around us.

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Life Skills Workshops

Brooklyn Multi-Service Community Center, Corp. programs helps families build strong nurturing abilities, increasing their vocational aptitude.  Approximately 25 adults a month attend classes to learn a variety of skills.

  1. How to Start a Business

  2. Financial Literacy

  3. How to Find a New Home, Apartment, or Space

  4. Single Parents

  5. Grant Writing

  6. And so on...

Brooklyn Public Library Friends Groups

We fundraise, advocate, and collaborate. With our partnership with the Brooklyn Public Library Saratoga Branch we service Brownville/Ocean Hill. At the Spring Creek branch, we serve East New York, Gateway and Starrett City. We organize fundraisers, community events, and courses to everyone. The main focus is to beautify the library, attract more visitors, enrich the community and offer or services and programs.

Arts, Culture, & Events

Through the nonprofit, Vive Entertainment Enterprises Corporation, we will provide career training, branding services, and assistance in the various career fields, especially in the multidisciplinary arts. We will also offer art education services under both adult and youth services/programs.

We host a fiery of unique events. 

Toy, Clothing, & Food Drives

BkMSCC provides clothing, toys, food and other household toiletries donated from some of our partners, individuals, and other charitable organizations. We allow individuals to have the necessities that their need to maintain a sustainable healthy home environment. 

  1. Coat Drive

  2. Food Drive

  3. Clothing Drive

  4. Toy Drive

  5. Prom Giveaway

Scholarship & Grants

  1. Amoni B: Honoring a multi-disciplined individual, of any age, who beats the odds. An individual who faced personal or financial hardship, yet remained a leader or activist in their family or community.

  2. Enlighten Lyfe: Awarding participants of the Enlighten lyfe and/or Diamond Ball Program

  3. Vive Entertainment Enterprises

    • Awarding 1 student (in BOCES or a trade school or program, grade 11/12 towards a college or university of the arts or for a arts program

    • Awarding individuals (towards a startup, project, or event), at any point in their career who excels in an area of the Arts (Visual, Musical, Performance, Theatrical, Technical, and/or Digital)

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Youth Programs

Dress for Sucess

We allow for teens and young adults to receive clothing for upcoming interviews and appointments. COVID UPDATE: Any ages can recieve clothing. Please fill out this form: HERE

Enlighten Lyfe

Originating as a full afterschool curriculum, this will start as a youth collective program teaching life skills, etiquette and banking. Find out more at Enlighten Lyfe


Thanks to the partnership with AIIDARM, we can teach youth leadership program promotes self-esteem, togetherness, and tolerance.


BkMSCC believes in a community of peace, togetherness, and conflict resolution. For our various anti-violence campaigns we focus on the youth and young adults, this will allow for a stable foundation towards a brighter future.

Neighborhood Cleanup

 We will teach sustainability and environmental education for children followed by hands on experience, tiding up their own neighborhood and nearby highways

Vive Art Program

Vive Entertainment Enterprises Corporation will offer a special program for educational institutions. A variety of art forms and entertainment will be taught in an egalitarian style democratic environment. Everyone will be a part of the process creating and teaching. 


BkMSCC will work with DYCD, YAIP, Educational Institutions, and other programs to provide internships. BkMSCC need youth of all sorts, with a variety of backgrounds that will provide substance to the community. Students will be able to get credit in school for some of our programs. (I.e. Living Environment, Art, Art History, and Community Service; similar to BOCES). We will also allow for job shadowing programs. Open Positions File Link

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Additional Services



Meeting / Event Space

Anonymous Hotline


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