Collectively Building a Sustainable Community


Brooklyn Multi-Service Community Center, Corp. (BkMSCC), mission is to provide services and education to those of the community, while installing morals, creating better community members, and bridging the generation gap. Using our knowledge and resources we will help and enhance the community through creative, upbeat, and unique programs, events, and workshops. We will allow for partnerships and collaborations with local government, individuals, and organizations. We will build a collective sustainable community


We provide mentorship, business services, school courses, scholarships and more in order to build Socio-economically


Whether our own or through collaboration, our events are used to create an impact, engagement, and unity.


Individuals and groups will learn about their selves and community by gaining life, financial and entrepreneurial understanding.


Through clothing, food, toy, and coat drives and our volunteer efforts we continue to help those in need. No task is too small.

Previous Collaborators,

Endorsers & Sponsors

Meet The Board

Amoni L Brown


After years of service, being social responsible, teaching, mentoring and owning community businesses, Amoni Brown decided there was a stronger need to help her own community. In 2015, she brought together the amazing founding board, who had similar goals, wanted to serve, or had an entrepreneurial mindset.

Degrees & Certifications

  • Electro-mechanical Engineering Technology - Associate of Applied Science

  • Business - Bachelors of Science

  • Interactive Media Technologies - Certificate

  • Notary Public - NYS License

  • Real Estate Sales Person - NYS License

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • AED/CPR First Aid

  • OSHA 10 Construction

  • Commercial Drivers License

  • DOE approved

Leona Sraus

1sr Vice President 

With over 15 years in human service and experience in sole proprietorship event planning, she knows how to cater to individuals and provide happiness. Her goals of inspiring greatness among young children started within her own household. She heard the dream and has been active ever since.

Degrees & Certifications

  • Forensic Psychology Bachelors of the Arts

  • NEW Construction-Electrical Preapprentiship

  • ADA

  • Cash Assistance Mandated training

  • Nasal Naloxone training

  • Medical Terminology Certificate

  • Case Management

  • Mandated Reporter

Stacey Brown

Treasurer |Secretary 

About 25 year in Budget Analysis and Account Management, Stacey Brown, has the natural ability to solve problems and assist others out of financial crisis. She loves helping other and creating masterpieces internally in the business. She puts her best foot forth in everything she is a part of and willing to learn the ins and outs of other fields. She hopes to help individuals, especially the elderly, from being taken advantage in several matters and wants to create financial stability for all.

Degrees & Certifications

  • Business Management - Bachelors of the Arts

  • Certified Public Accountant pursuant

  • Funding Certificate

  • Landlord Cerificate

Leslie James

2nd Vice President 

Her leadership is ingrained in the community and adults who was once receptors of her efforts. Her grand network is created by her loving spirit and willingness to help others with the drop of a dime. With over 20 years in social services and leadership she has always been proactive in anti-violence and productivity of the young adults.

Degrees & Certifications

  • Policy and Public Administration - Masters

  • Health and Human Services - Bachelors of Science

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Mandated Reporter




Get in Touch

info@bkmscc.org  /  Tel. 929-352-6722

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